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The Asher Family - Triplets in Kansas CityMeet the family of Becky and James Asher, who delivered their triplet babies with Kansas City ObGyn in July 2013. We followed up mom Becky to find out how the babies and family are doing.

Kansas City ObGyn: Which physicians delivered your babies?

Becky Asher: Dr. Nichols with Dr. Arroyo assisting. I was bummed that my doctor, Dr. Newby, was out of town and couldn’t be there because I loved her! However, Dr. Nichols and Dr. Arroyo did a fabulous job.

KCO: How was your experience?

Becky: Dr. Nichols and Dr. Arroyo were both outstanding. My nurse, Amber, was also great. She took some pictures for us in the delivery room that I will always cherish. We had a team of almost 20 people in there, as each baby had its own set of support staff. Our boys were born on the “4th of July night” (though it was actually July 5th because it was after midnight). But I very vividly remember one of the respiratory therapists, I think his name was Rusty, being decked out in American flag scrubs and thinking it was pretty awesome!

KCO: Was there anything else unique about your pregnancy or delivery besides having multiples?

Becky: We had a very high-risk pregnancy. On top of being pregnant with triplets, our identical set were monoamniotic/monochorionic (mo-mo), which means they share the same placenta and also the same amniotic sac with no separating membrane. This is incredibly rare and also very dangerous as there is a great risk of their cords getting tangled up and cutting off their supplies. Many mo-mo pregnancies do not end with live births, so we were very fortunate that our boys were all born alive and healthy. I was referred to Midwest Perinatal Associates since I had triplets and mo-mo babies, so they did most of my high-risk care. I was put on hospital bedrest at 28 weeks until they were born so I could be closely monitored. I got to know all the Kansas City ObGyn doctors very well during that time. They were very emotionally supportive.

KCO: Tell us about the babies!

Becky: Our boys were born on July 5, 2013 at 33 weeks and 1 day gestation. Their names are Oliver James Asher, Nolan Michael Asher, and Lucas McRae Asher. Oliver (Ollie) is fraternal. Nolan and Lucas are identical. They are all very similar yet all very different. They’re four years old now and are crazy smart. All three of them are very sweet and affectionate. As babies and toddlers, Ollie was always always our easygoing one, while Nolan and Lucas gave us a run for our money.

The Asher Triplets in Kansas City

KCO: How are the babies and the family doing now?

Becky: We’re all doing great! Life is definitely crazy with triplets but we’re very fortunate to have three healthy children! They’re getting ready to start their second year of preschool next month!

KCO: What’s it like being a mom of triplets? How has your family adapted?

Becky: Our life forever changed when we found out we were having triplets. It all seemed so scary at first, but now it is just our new normal. Financially, it definitely took us some time to adjust from being a family of two with two incomes to being a family of five on one income, but we’re doing okay. We also just didn’t sleep (like at all) for a couple years but that part is getting better, too. We can’t imagine our life any different. These boys have been such a blessing to our family!