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The Lovell Twins in Kansas CityMeet the family of Kristin and John Lovell, who delivered their twin babies with Kansas City ObGyn on December 18, 2014. We followed up mom Kristin to find out how the babies and family are doing.

KCO: Which physicians delivered your babies?

Kristin Lovell: Dr. Arroyo, my obstetrician, and Dr. Newby delivered our baby girls via C-section. They were amazing!  They both were very calm and did a great job of explaining what was happening, what was next and how I might feel. My husband recorded the entire birth and we cherish it so much. We can’t wait to show our girls one day. Dr. Arroyo was awesome during my entire pregnancy experience. This was my first pregnancy and I had no clue what I was doing. He was resourceful, honest, calming and always so pleasant! We used a fertility clinic out-of-state and he was open and accepting to work with them throughout the pregnancy. We had so many ultrasounds I lost count because we were pregnant via in-vitro fertilization and had twins. We really got to know Kim, the ultrasound tech. She’s down to earth and fun, which made the experience that much better. She’s really great at her job; even our IVF clinic commented on the attention to detail of our ultrasound pics - you could clearly see hands and toes!

KCO: Tell us about the babies!

Kristin: They were born on December 18, 2014. Their names are Lainey Rose and Lucy Sparrow. They are fraternal twins and couldn't be more different. They are our first and probably only babies. Yes, twin babies are that much work. However, I will say they are great sleepers so I can’t complain too much. I owe it all to the “Babywise method.” Baby A (Lainey) was pretty chill in the womb and Baby B (Lucy) was a mover!  Still to this day this holds true. The girls are a lot of fun and make us laugh a lot. They’re now 2-1/2 and play really great together. We're working on potty training and they talk nonstop! I’m doing great, every month and year gets easier.  

The Lovell Family - Twins in Kansas City

KCO: What is it like being a mom of twins?

Kristin: I love being a mom of twins. But, I also don’t know anything different. I’ve learned that babies and kids like routines and so we pretty much stick to them!