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The Martin Family - Twins in Kansas CityMeet the Martin family, Sarah and AJ, who delivered their twin babies with Kansas City ObGyn on November 8, 2015. We followed up mom Sarah to find out how the babies and family are doing.

Kansas City ObGyn: Which physician delivered your babies?

Sarah Martin: Dr. Nichols has been my OB/GYN for about nine years and she was the doctor who delivered my twins via C-section. However, because it was twins, they had to have two obstetricians in the operating room, so Dr. Newby also helped deliver them.

KCO: How was your experience?

Sarah: Awesome! I seriously cannot say enough good things about Dr. Nichols! I just love her! Since I was having multiples, I had more frequent check-ups and sonograms throughout my pregnancy, and it was always so enjoyable to see Dr. Nichols and catch up and ask her my list of questions I always had. We found out we were pregnant at five weeks, and around seven weeks on a Sunday before my first obstetrician visit, I started bleeding. Fortunately having never experienced infertility or miscarriage, I was shocked and assuming the worst. The office got me in early the next morning for a sonogram and that is where we got the surprise of our lives. We hadn’t lost a heartbeat, we had gained two of them! So then they fit us in for an obstetrician appointment with Dr. Nichols that morning and just laughing with her about our state of shock and what was to come made it all seem less scary. Even though I know Dr. Nichols and all the other great staff at the office are so busy, I never felt rushed or like she was trying to hurry my visit. We chatted about life and laughed and went over any questions or concerns I had. She helped me be at ease through my pregnancy and also prepared me for the scheduled C-section, so once that day came, I was not apprehensive at all. She’s just a truly great physician!

KCO: Did anyone else who helped deliver your babies stand out to you?

Sarah: Well, Dr. Newby helped deliver the twins, so I’m appreciative to her. Also, all of the staff at Overland Park Regional was outstanding! I had my older daughter at St. Luke’s South and I was originally hoping to deliver there again, but I was so pleased with Overland Park Regional and I knew that the twins and I could get the best care there.

KCO: Was there anything else unique about your pregnancy or delivery besides having multiples?

Sarah: My pregnancy was pretty smooth and we were blessed to carry the twins to the scheduled C-Section and full term date. After I delivered them, my blood pressure spiked thanks to the stress and all of the crazy double hormones related to the twin pregnancy. I stayed in the hospital an extra night and I also ended up being readmitted to the hospital for high blood pressure a few days later. In the end, after seeing a cardiologist and going through many tests, all was fine heart-wise and after a few months, my blood pressure returned to normal once I started getting my body back to normal. Dr. Nichols was so helpful throughout the stressful time, reassuring me that it would be OK and hormones were to blame and I’d be back to normal.

The Martin Twins Having Dinner

KCO: Tell us about the babies!

Sarah: My babies were born November 18, 2015, and are now 21 months old. Their names are Anna Eileen and Rosemary Mae. They are fraternal twins. They were my second and third children. I have an older daughter, Amelia Florence, who turned four years old just 11 days after they were born. She is now five and a half. The babies are busy! They are hilarious! They are curious! They are tiring! They are both very happy babies and love to laugh and explore and run. Anna is shy until she gets to know you, while Rosemary is a social butterfly and waves at strangers.

KCO: How are the babies and the family doing?

Sarah: They are doing great. They are big for their age - top percentiles. They love to play with each other and their big sister. They are really smart and understand everything. They love being outside and out and about! I’m doing ok! Some days are better than others and the summer has been long because there’s no school for the older one, so three busy kids are around all day. I have an amazing, supportive husband who helps out. He travels a lot for work, so when he’s out of town, and with all of our family 12 hours away, the burden of handling all of them can definitely be heavy, but the older they get and once school resumes, it seems like the better days outweigh the tough days. I have an amazing group of friends and we try to have play dates and kidless nights out whenever possible so that we can all lean on each other and feel like ourselves and be away from the “mom role” every now and again. That’s so important - especially when you don’t work outside the home, so you don’t have that social adult interaction or chance to be called by your actual name (not “Mom”) 24/7.

The Martin Twins in Kansas City

KCO: What’s it like being a mom of twins? How has your family adapted?

Sarah: It is crazy. I never thought I’d have twins. Some days I still can’t believe I do and they are going on two years old. Sometimes I feel like a circus freak walking around the grocery store and we definitely get stares and questions, but it’s usually all in good nature and kind. I’ve had to adapt my shopping trips to accommodate a double stroller and now I heavily rely on pick-up groceries and anything to make life easier. There are certain things I cannot do during the day without my husband - like certain playgrounds or the neighborhood pool. So those we save for weekends. I would be lying if I said that I don’t have my waves of jealousy when I see other families or friends out and about with individual kids – as in more than one kid but singletons all different ages and abilities, not two of the same age – because it can be hard having twins. But I guess if God didn’t think we could handle it, he wouldn’t have blessed us with them. So there must be some greater purpose out there, even if just to teach me patience, for God to give us twins. The older they get, the more and more we feel like we are kind of figuring it all out, one day at a time!