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Meghan Nichols MDSpecializing in
Obstetrics and Gynecology
435 Hwy. and Quivira Rd.
Educational Background
Medical Degree – University of Missouri-Kansas City
Residency – Truman Medical Center, Kansas City, MO (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Board Certification
American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Professional Organizations
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
American Medical Association
Kansas City Gynecological Society
Kansas Medical Society
Hospital Appointments
Overland Park Regional Medical Center
State of Kansas


Patients choose Dr. Meghan A. Nichols because of her approachable and empathetic personality. She is an excellent listener with her patients, and works closely with each of them to figure out the best way to treat them and their unique needs individually. Patients say they value her sincerity, sense of humor, and her down-to-earth ability to relate to each patient and their personal concerns.

Curing, Comforting and Caring for Women

Dr. Nichols chose to become an Ob/Gyn physician when she was in medical school. At first she thought she wanted to pursue a general surgery career. However, it it dawned on her that she might operate on someone and then never see them again. She wanted to develop relationships with her patients and get to know them as people as well as be able to use her surgical skills.

“Then, I delivered my first baby and was amazed by the miracle,” Dr. Nichols said. “I realized I could take care of women for many years and get to know them and their families. Ob/Gyn was the perfect choice for me, allowing me to be both a surgeon and an office physician.”

For Dr. Nichols, making connections with her patients on a daily basis is what makes her job truly fulfilling. “Having a patient thank me for compassionate care that made a difference in my life is truly inspiring,” she said. “It is a wonderful thing to deliver a patient’s baby or perform a successful operation on her. However, the day-to-day interactions with them are the times I really get to know my patients and they are the most motivating and rewarding.”

Education, Honors & Achievements

Dr. Nichols graduated from the University of Missouri - Kansas City accelerated undergraduate and medical school program, then completed a four-year Ob/Gyn residency. She has been in private practice since 2006. Dr. Nichols is a board-certified Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and a member of the Kansas City Gynecologic Society.

In addition to her education and certifications, Dr. Nichols also earned the Most Outstanding ObGyn Resident honor at St. Luke’s Hospital in 2006, and was named one of 435 South Magazine’s “Top Doctors” in 2013.

However, the awards and honors are far from the most rewarding part of her job. Rather, helping her patients brings her the most fulfillment and joy. The routine care and day-to-day personal interactions with her patients are what make each day interesting, fun and rewarding.

“The achievements that are most dear to me are the personal battles I help my patients fight every day,” Dr. Nichols said. “I’m not big into awards or certificates that I can hang on the wall. I am most concerned with helping each patient to the best of my ability every day I go to work. I am most proud of helping my patients through the tough times and supporting them as they deal with life’s curveballs. Whether it’s struggling with marital issues, losing a child, or some other unfathomable challenge, I gain strength from the courage of my patients who cope with life in the face of adversity.”

Outside the Office

Outside of the Kansas City ObGyn office, Dr. Nichols puts family number one. Her family includes her husband, Jeff, and their two kids, Nathan and Aubrey.

“My husband has been amazingly supportive of me through medical school, residency and now Kansas City ObGyn,” Dr. Nichols said. “He is the best dad I could ever ask for, and he gets a lot of practice because I’m often on-call. He balances my job and our family with his own full-time career and I am forever grateful.”

For fun, she loves sports, warm weather and music - including her obsession with finding the perfect playlist for the Kansas City ObGyn office. She enjoys spending time with her immediate family, her parents and the rest of their extended family as much as possible. The sports she watches and plays most are the ones her kids are enjoying at the time.

“There is nothing better in the world than family time together,” Dr. Nichols said. “Our kids are so fun. I learn from them every day!”