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The Balwanz Twins in Kansas CityMeet the Balwanz family, Joanie and Josh, who delivered their twin babies with Kansas City ObGyn on September 30, 2016. We followed up mom Joanie to find out how the babies are doing now.

Kansas City ObGyn: Which physician delivered your babies?

Joanie: Dr. Heit delivered my baby girls.

KCO: How was your experience?

Joanie: We loved Dr. Heit. From day one, he made us feel so comfortable. He treated me as if I was his own family, and I felt he made decisions that put my and my twins’ safety first. He explained things well to my husband and me always, and never made us feel anxious about the pregnancy or birth. We always felt that he took his time during our doctor visits, and would recommend him highly!

KCO: Did anyone else who helped deliver your babies stand out to you?

We had an excellent experience from he moment we were admitted to the hospital. From the nursing staff and on, we felt well taken care of. As far as prior to the delivery, Kim the sonographer at Kansas City ObGyn was outstanding. She took her time and explained things well that were going on through the developmental stages of the pregnancy. She was a lifesaver.

KCO: Was there anything else unique about your pregnancy or delivery besides having multiples?

I had a very straightforward pregnancy with no complications, and for multiples that can be unique! I was very lucky, but always felt extremely well cared for.

KCO: Tell us about the babies!

Joanie: Ellie Jo Balwanz and Morgan Marie Balwanz were born September 30, 2016, a whopping one minute apart. They are fraternal, and although they resemble each other, they do look completely different. As they say with fraternal twins, they are just sisters who shared the same womb, making them wombmates! Ellie and Morgan are our first two children. Ellie and Morgan are total opposites in a way, but love to play with each other, too!  Ellie is very inquisitive and cautious, yet once she knows you is a big flirt and good ball! Morgan is more of an introvert, entertains herself well, yet can be a bull in a china shop. fearless as ever. They both are into everything right now, and love to chase each other.

The Balwanz Family - Twins in Kansas City

KCO: How are the babies and the family doing?

Joanie: They are doing excellent! Meeting every milestone so far, and happy as ever. They love being active, but are terrific sleepers too. They have been sleeping through the night, 11 to 12 hours since four months old and love their naptimes, too.  I am doing great! I have been lucky to drop back to part-time work, which has given me a good balance of spending quality time with the girls, yet having meaningful adult interaction.

KCO: What’s it like being a mom of twins? How has your family adapted?

Being a mom of twins is a very unique experience that is very hard to explain. It’s double everything. Double the love, double the laughs, double the frustrations and double the doubts. It is a whirlwind daily, but my husband and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, either. I am proud to be a parent to twins, and there is a daily sense of pride that comes along with parenting multiples. We do our best, and our babies are happy and healthy. As far as how we have adapted, I would say pretty well. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many trying moments, tears, feeling of being overwhelmed and “is this ever going to end,” but that’s parenting for you. The first few months was hard, mainly due to the sleep deprivation. Luckily my husband and I are a great team and just kept chugging along. Now, we couldn’t picture life any different, and often wonder what we did with all our time before the girls were born.