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Welcome to Kansas City ObGyn and thank you for choosing us for your prenatal care. We understand that pregnancy is an extraordinary time and we are honored to serve the women in our community as they bring their babies into the world.   

Experienced Physicians for Your Pregnancy

At Kansas City ObGyn, our dedicated group of experienced physicians and staff are committed to providing our patients with the best medical care possible throughout your pregnancy. Choosing the right obstetrician to guide you through your pregnancy is an important and personal decision and we prioritize exceptional communication, compassion, and respect between our healthcare providers and patients.

Manage Your Pregnancy from Beginning to End

maternity photo in fieldWomen today have to manage their pregnancies as part of full, busy lives and we want to make sure that the care women receive at Kansas City ObGyn is as accessible as it is excellent. We believe that you should feel like an active partner in your prenatal care throughout your whole pregnancy. From managing first trimester symptoms to formulating a birth plan, we are committed to promoting the health and welfare of our patients with mindful, individualized care.

Common Pregnancy Procedures, Medications & Assessments

Listed below are the most common procedures, medications, teaching and assessment we do throughout your pregnancy. Your obstetrician will personalize and tailor the care to you and your pregnancy.

Our pregnancy services include:

Kansas City ObGyn is dedicated to the women in our community and we want to provide you with the best health care experience possible. Thank you for choosing us to partner with you during this very special time in your life.