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Choosing a health plan can sometimes be the most confusing part of participating in your own medical care. This is true for everyone, but especially for teachers, who may have more limited options in our area. At Kansas City ObGyn, we understand that and we want to make your trip to the doctor as simple as possible. With open enrollment upon us, here are some more pointers to help you pick the right plan.

Teachers: Before You Choose BlueSelect, Consider This

open enrollment for teachersSince choosing the right health care for your specific needs can be complicated, we want to make sure that you are aware that Kansas City ObGyn is in-network if you choose BlueSelect and BlueSelect Plus plans. However, Overland Park Regional Hospital, where our team has privileges, would be out-of-network for these plans. 

For 2019, there are three BlueSelect Plus plans available: BlueSelect Plus PPO, BlueSelect Plus HDHP and BlueSelect Plus EPO, a new option. For all these plans, you will be left with the same issue: Kansas City ObGyn will be in-network but Overland Park Regional Hospital will be out-of-network. 

Teachers in Blue Valley, Shawnee Mission and Olathe have six health plans to choose from during open enrollment. Other options can allow you to choose the right health plan for you and still stay with your preferred provider at Kansas City ObGyn for your entire pregnancy and delivery at Overland Park Regional Hospital. 

Know Your Needs: Prenatal, Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond

After making sure you can continue staying with your preferred provider, it’s important to evaluate you health needs in the coming year. Are you trying to conceive? Are you due to have a baby? Do you have an infant? Do you have a behavioral or mental health provider? Do you find yourself at the doctor often for antibiotics or acute care? These are all important questions to answer, as they indicate future care such as prenatal visits, well visits, and unexpected illnesses. Coverage for these life events are important, and looking and planning ahead is always the best path.

Talk To Kansas City ObGyn and Your Other Medical Providers

We understand insurance! Choosing the best plan for you and your family can be confusing and at Kansas City ObGyn we understand that. Make sure to speak with the office for clarification for your personal situation. We want to help you avoid choosing an insurance plan that is out-of-network. Remember, your doctor’s office has to choose which insurances to work with the same as you do, so finding a plan that works with everyone is essential.

In-Network Doctors and Out-of-Network Hospitals

Kansas City ObGyn has privileges at Overland Park Regional Hospital, which is out-of-network for BlueSelect and BlueSelect Plus plans. Different hospitals often accept different insurances. Sometimes hospitals will be connected directly with one specific insurance that will allow better coverage than other plans. It’s important to consider all your potential hospital needs, which for healthy women in their childbearing years is often only for birth. It is important to make sure that the hospital where your OB has privileges will be covered by your insurance. Heading to a hospital considered out-of-network from your insurance can be incredibly costly, and knowing this in advance is imperative.

Talk To The Insurance Companies

While researching the fine details of different insurance companies can be confusing, the customer service technicians can be immensely helpful. If you still have questions after speaking with your healthcare provider, or if you have questions about a health plan with a specific company, pick up the phone and call them. If you explain your needs, including doctor and hospital preferences, and any other coverage needs such as behavioral health, they will help you find the best coverage option under that company. Insurance providers generally know that it can be frustrating and overwhelming when reviewing so many small details, and they are there to help.

Many of our patients prefer to select a health insurance plan that allows them to continue their full Ob Gyn care with our team. If you need any help choosing the right plan for you, or would like to make an appointment to see one of our doctors, contact Kansas City ObGyn at (913) 225-8473 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..